Teacher Education and the Sustainable Development Goals

This week, March 4th to 8th, is Sustainable Development Week at VIU and the Share Drive podcast is grateful to feature Dr. Wendy Simms, from the Faculty of Education. Dr. Simms joins us to share how she is incorporating Sustainable Development education into training for pre-service teachers, how awareness is a key foundational aspect of learning about sustainability, and how students inspire her as she learns from their passions.

As Dr. Simms mentions in the podcast, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are not only relevant to courses that are directly about sustainability like the one she is teaching; they are broad and far reaching and can be incorporated across many disciplines. If you are interested in how you can incorporate the SDGs into your course design, please contact the CIEL at learnsupport@viu.ca.

Dr. Wendy Simms on the Share Drive Podcast (March 2024)