The Share Drive (Episode 25): Caring for children, Mother Earth, and each other.

In celebration of Sustainable Development Week at VIU, the Share Drive podcast is grateful to share with you a wonderful conversation with Danielle Alphonse and Sheila Grieve, faculty members in the Early Childhood Education and Care program at Vancouver Island University. Sheila and Danielle share the ways that Indigenous teachings are reflected in the Sustainable Development Goals, and how these are connected to Early Childhood Education and Care. How do we raise global citizens with strong ethics and connection to Mother Earth? How are the SDGs all interconnected and related to each other?

Danielle and Sheila offer an invitation to listeners to explore the ways that our passions are naturally connected to the work of honoring the earth, and encourage us to draw on the resources that have been created to incorporate the Sustainable Development Goals into our teaching. They offer timely and heartfelt perspectives on how to respond to feelings of overwhelm in relation to the climate crisis and the numerous challenges we face today, and remind us that we all have a place in this work.