Upcoming Zooms to Teams Training Sessions

CIEL is offering a training series through April and May for instructors who will be moving their online synchronous teaching from Zoom to Teams for Fall 2024.

Due to the popularity of our Teams 101 session we have added an additional date for that webinar. If you don’t have any experience hosting meetings in Teams, we suggest attending this session first as all of the other sessions build on the basics we go over in that webinar. Read on to learn more about the sessions we have coming up.

Session Descriptions

To sign up for a session, click the View Dates and Sign Up button for the session and select one of the dates and times, or go to the CIEL Event Calendar and select the session in the calendar. All of these sessions are being offered over Teams and you will receive the meeting link in a confirmation email once you have registered for a session.

Teams Meetings 101

Join us for a 30 minute introduction to scheduling and hosting meetings in Teams. In this session we will go over the options  you have when scheduling meetings for your course and give a high level overview of the controls and functions available once your meeting begins.

This session is aimed at Instructors who have minimal or no experience hosting meetings in Teams. By the end of this session you should know how to set up a meeting, invite your students, and use essential meeting controls such as enabling or muting your microphone, chat, and screen sharing.

Teaching in Teams: Best Practices

Impactful online teaching hasn’t changed, but the technology we will be using for online meetings will be new to many instructors in Fall 2024. Join us for this 60 minute workshop where we will focus on ways that Teams can support pedagogical practices to enhance engagement, provide effective feedback and build community in your course. 

Breakout Rooms

Breakout rooms are an essential feature when teaching over video conferencing software. In this session we will look at the key differences between Teams and Zoom breakout rooms and give you some tips for how to set up and manage breakout rooms for use with your students. By the end of this session you will know how to set up breakout rooms, assign students automatically or manually to rooms, and communicate with people while they are in their breakout rooms.

Collaborating During Meetings

Teams is designed with collaboration in mind. Join us for this 30 minute session where we will look at some of the built in collaborative features of Teams and talk about how you can use these to engage with your students during online sessions and how your students can use these to work on group projects outside of class time.

This session is meant for anyone who teaches online and wants to engage students in collaborative activities during online meetings. By the end of the session you will know how to upload a shared document, create white boards and Loop elements in the meeting, and how to schedule meetings to allow for asynchronous chat and collaboration between sessions.

Accessibility in Teams

Accessible online teaching is about more than just enabling captions in your Teams meetings. Join us for this 60 minute workshop where we will explore key principles of accessibility and how Teams can help you support learners who come to your class with a variety of needs.

Keep Teams Meetings Secure

Microsoft has built a number of features and functions in Teams to help you ensure that your meeting stays secure. Join us for this thirty minute webinar where we will walk through settings you can choose when scheduling your meeting as well as best practices for sharing meeting links and managing participants to minimize the chance of any unexpected disruptions from participants while you are hosting a meeting or class session on Teams.

This session is for anyone who is running Teams meetings, but will be especially useful for anyone who runs meetings with community members, external colleagues or others who are not part of the VIU Teams license. By the end of this session you will know how to schedule a meeting so all students join as attendees, how to selectively give and take away presenter permissions within a meeting, and a few ways you can quickly shut down participant activity should that be necessary.

Guest Speakers, Community Members, and Colleagues Outside of VIU

VIU students and employees have Teams licenses through VIU. This gives all of our VIU community access to a set of tools and features to allow seamless collaboration and file sharing through Teams. But what about when we need to bring in someone who isn’t a VIU employee or student?

In this 30 minute webinar we will look at which features in Teams work for everyone (even if they don’t have a Teams account) and how you can design your meetings to ensure external users can participate in all meeting activities.

More information on sessions for August will be posted later this summer along with a schedule for those sessions. If you want to be notified whenever we add new information, you can subscribe to the CIEL blog.


Don’t See What You’re Looking For?

If you can’t attend the session you were interested in or if you have questions about Teams beyond what we’re covering in these sessions, we would be happy to meet with you one on one. You can book a consult from the CIEL website or send us an email at learnsupport@viu.ca. In your request, please include a brief description of what you’re hoping to learn and some dates and times that you’re available to meet so we can connect you with the best member of our team for your needs.