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Embracing the Unknown: Why Online Postsecondary Study Is Worth the Risk

This blogpost was originally published by Educause Review Transforming Higher Education by  Kathleen Bortolin on Tuesday, August 4, 2020. (Link to original article). The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown much of higher education into disarray, but amid this storm are opportunities to… Continue Reading →

Learning to Learn Online: An Open Educational Resource (OER) for Students and Instructors

For months now, members of the CIEL have been shouldering questions about how to help students be effective online learners. Now, thanks to some student authors and the power of Pressbooks, the world of higher education is privy to a… Continue Reading →

Fall Learning Technology Orientation Webinars for Students

This Fall, to better support the busy lives of students and employees at VIU while maintaining safe social distance, the Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning (CIEL) will be offering fully online orientations for VIULearn and other teaching and… Continue Reading →

Changes to VIULearn Login and Email, July 2020

The way that students and employees log in to VIULearn is changing July 23,2020.

In addition, there is an upcoming change to improve the email experience within VIULearn.

Postponed: VIULearn Course Cleanup 2020

To help support instructors, CIEL has decided to not perform the VIULearn Course Cleanup in 2020.

The following semesters will be permanently removed from VIULearn in July 2021:
Fall 2017, 2018; Year 2017, 2018; Continuous Intake 2017, 2018; Spring 2018, 2019; Intersession 2018, 2019; Summer (May and June) 2018, 2019

Zoom Security Updates, June 2020

Read this post to learn more about updates to Zoom security for VIU including the move to Canadian data centers only, a new Report Users feature, and upcoming requirements for meeting passwords.

Staying successful in online classes: Tips for instructors and students

We’ve had a number of faculty ask us about how to help students be successful in online environments. The good news is that being a successful student in an online class is not that different than being a successful student… Continue Reading →

Technology for Remote Teaching: Create a Document Camera at Home

Last week we explored some of the technology options for improving your video and audio on videos and web calls. Today, we want to take a look at options for replicating the use of a document camera or whiteboard over… Continue Reading →

Course Outlines and Syllabi

We’ve had lots of conversations with faculty members about what their teaching in the Fall semester will look like, and course outlines have come up regularly. Students need access to the basic information about the courses in which they are… Continue Reading →

Synchronous vs Asynchronous: What is the best blend?

As we continue to live in the world of Alternative Delivery, we are often asked “how much of my online course should be synchronous and how much should be asynchronous?”. There is no magic ratio that will work for every… Continue Reading →

Technology for Remote Teaching

Being seen and heard clearly online is extremely important in this time. Whether you are creating videos or just spending hours on video calls, many of us are finding our current equipment isn’t quite meeting our new needs. But how… Continue Reading →

The Big Pivot: Podcast Bites from VIU Faculty Shifting to Alternate Delivery

In this series of podcasts, I wanted to collect and share stories from VIU faculty who have pivoted, or who are pivoting, to an alternate delivery method. Which is all of us. I wanted to capture at this moment in… Continue Reading →

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