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The Share Drive (Episode 19): What Went Well and Why I Feel a Little Guilty (Martin L. Martens, Management and Law)

In a time when many of us were seeking strategies to pivot our face to face classes to online delivery, Martin L. Martens (Chair, Management and Law) was feeling a little bit guilty. It turns out that his face to… Continue Reading →

5 Ways You Can Help Students Navigate Your Course in VIULearn

In 2020, Stephanie Boychuk and the Academic and Career Preparation department conducted a survey of their students to learn more about how course navigation and structure can be used to support student success in online and blended courses. In this blog post, Stephanie summarizes five “quick wins” anyone can use to help students navigate course materials with ease based on the results of that survey.

VIU Learning Technology Orientations for Students – View anytime!

We are running live webinars to introduce students to the learning technologies available at VIU while protecting the health and safety of everyone involved. Are you unable to attend one of our live Student Technology Orientation webinars this spring but… Continue Reading →

The Share Drive (Episode 17): nutsamaat uy’skwuluwun. Collette Jones (Instructor, Studies of Women and Gender)

In this powerful podcast, Collette Jones (Instructor, Studies of Women and Gender) describes her Indigenous approach to teaching and learning during the pandemic.  Collette draws on her experiences– personal, professional, and academic, including research on Coast Salish teaching methods–to highlight… Continue Reading →

The Share Drive (Episode 16): “We in Horticulture are often very adaptable” (Christine Quist, Instructor)

According to Christine Quist (instructor, Horticulture department), horticulturalists are naturally adaptable, moving and shifting constantly with seasons and conditions.  In this podcast, Christine describes her and her students’ adaptability, outlining the way in which her greenhouse skills class took to… Continue Reading →

The Share Drive (Episode 15): “That extraordinary event that rippled out of those beginning places” Heather Wilson (ECEC student); Cheryl Cameron (ECEC practicum coordinator ); Antje Bitterberg (ECEC Instructor)

In this first episode of our “What Went Well” series, we sit down with Antje Bitterberg, Cheryl Cameron, and their student, Heather Wilson, to discuss how the Early Childhood Education (ECEC) program moved through this last remarkable year.  Specifically, our… Continue Reading →

What went well: A Story-telling Call for VIU Teaching and Learning Moments from 2020-2021

A couple of years ago I started a teaching and learning podcast called The Share Drive. My intention was to share more broadly stories of teaching and learning, and general awesomeness, across our campus. I was also looking for a… Continue Reading →

The Share Drive Episode 14: Mackenzie Sillem and her commitment to Intercultural Studies at VIU

Many listeners will know Mackenzie from her long-term and broad-reaching efforts to support Intercultural learning across VIU, most recently with the development and teaching of Intercultural Studies 100: Exploring and Developing Intercultural Competence. In this podcast, we sit down with… Continue Reading →

LearnSupport Phone Line is Back in Service!

The Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning is happy to announce that the LearnSupport phone line is back in service! Faculty and students can now either reach out for support by sending us an email to learnsupport@viu.ca or by… Continue Reading →

UnMarking Institute 2021 at VIU

Liberate Learning: How to Untangle the Web of Feedback and Grading May 12 and 13, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM This two-day workshop includes a series of Zoom interactions, independent faculty work on their chosen course, and consultations with facilitators…. Continue Reading →

Creating Purpose by Letting Students Frame the Questions

For our final blog post on Purposeful Assignments, we spoke with Sandra Johnstone from VIU’s Earth Science Department. Sandra Johnstone’s fourth year Earth Science class was about climate change, and the first thing she did was to have the whole… Continue Reading →

The Share Drive Episode 13: Shannon Bence: The Ultimate Online Learning Survival Guide

After witnessing the fear many of her students were experiencing in the transition to online learning, Shannon asked herself the question, “How can I help?” And the answer that came to her was, “I know! I’ll get up before my… Continue Reading →

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