In this short video tutorial, Rita Gower, Professional Bake Instructor at VIU, provides an overview of how she designed an Asynchronous Learning Module in a way that provides students with an easy to follow learning journey.

Let’s Get Started with Asynchronous Learning Design

Rita Gower: Tutorial

How to hyperlink Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes into your Module description.

When designing an asynchronous module, it’s best to do so with the student experience in mind. Try to design your course in a way that allows the students to work independently. For example, by hyperlinking assignments, discussions, quizzes etc., into your module description it provides an easy way to ensure a clear pathway is mapped out for students to follow.

In the following video tutorial, you will see the steps taken to embed the course content into the description of the module. This will simplify the students’ task in navigating the LMS and, in doing so, it will enhance the student experience and reduce their levels of frustration considerably.

Sally Vinden: Tutorial

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