Project Data Summary

Detailed results of the study are available in the following publication:

Pearce, S., and E. Demers. 2019. Abundance, distribution, movement, and mortality of Canada Geese (Branta canadensis) in Nanaimo, British Columbia. British Columbia Birds 29:36-43. [pdf]

Goose Sighting Locations

Sighting locations of geese banded in June 2016 and June 2017 are shown in the images below. Points simply represent sighting location and do not represent frequency of sightings or the number of collared geese present at each site. These maps were generated by sighting reports up to June 2018 – we continue to learn new things about the Nanaimo goose population!

Sighting locations of collared geese in the Pacific Northwest.

Sighting locations of collared geese around Vancouver Island and the adjacent mainland.

Sighting locations of collared geese in Nanaimo and the local surrounding area.

Summary of Collar Reports

The tables below summarize collar report data to June 2018. This data was compiled from over 7780 collar reports at 162 locations from 366 volunteers since June 2016.

Collar report distribution.

A summary of collars removed from the study due to goose mortality and/or collars being shed by geese.

Survey Results

Regular survey results of Canada Geese in Nanaimo, BC, between May 2016 and December 2018. Bars represent total number of geese observed and the number of collared geese observed is shown in blue (2016-banded group) and green (2016 and 2017 collars combined). Yellow bar denotes boat survey throughout local marine areas during the moult period in early July 2018.