Project Data Summary

Below is a brief summary of project results to March 2017:

Goose Sighting Locations

Sighting locations of geese banded in June 2016 are shown in the images below. Points simply represent sighting location and do not represent frequency of sightings or the number of collared geese present at each site. These maps were generated by sighting reports up to March 2017. We are looking forward to seeing the distribution patterns of our June 2017 banded geese!

Sighting locations of geese locally around Nanaimo, BC

Sighting locations of geese in the Vancouver Island region

Sighting locations of geese in the Pacific Northwest

Summary of Collar Reports

The table below is a summary of collar report data to March 2017. Over 20 of the geese not seen since 31 August 2016 were reported back in the Nanaimo area by June 2017. Additionally, it was determined that 3 more geese had managed to shed their collars: one collar washed up on a beach in Lantzville, and the leg bands of two other geese were read by taking pictures and zooming-in on the image with a computer.

Summary of collar report data to 31 March 2017.


Survey Results

Regular survey results of Canada Geese in Nanaimo, BC, between 20 May 2016 and 11 Feb 2017. Bars represent total number of geese observed and the number of collared geese observed is shown in blue (*indicates surveys conducting prior to banding).