Powell River is a community in transition. This project seeks to build on the groundswell of citizen effort and activity already underway. Community members are coming together in neighbourhoods, groups and organizations striving to redefine and recreate economic and social well-being in our region.

Please join us!

Defining Diversity: Creating Community is about relationships. We are actively promoting a shift from isolation to belonging and relationships that cross historic or traditional divides and invigorate our commitment to respect and collaboration.

Defining Diversity: Creating Community is about capacity thinking and contribution. We believe that each individual has important gifts and talents that are needed to create a thriving community.

Firmly anchored in the community development philosophy advanced by John McKnight and Jody Kretzmann, we use a 2-day educational experience as a vehicle for change.

You can be part of this project. Learn more by exploring this site. Get involved by signing up to take the course or by adding your story to this site.