New students who studied Japanese at high school can receive the advanced placement, depending on which level they completed successfully.  Please use the following guideline to determine which level you should enroll.

Students Who Have Last Completed

Course to Enroll

Japanese 9 and/or 10
Introductory Japanese 11
Japanese 11 (B- or lower grade)


Japanese 11 (B or higher grade)
(not Introductory Japanese 11)
Japanese 12 (B- or lower grade)


Japanese 12 (B or higher grade)
JAPA101 or JAPA 200

Please contact the
Japanese Program for
Students who completed the high school Japanese course three or more years prior to the registration need to receive a placement before the course starts to ensure their current level of proficiency.  Please contact the Japanese Program to make an arrangement for the placement.


  1. You must bring your high school transcript on the first day of the class if you registered in JAPA101 or JAPA200 without completing prerequisite courses.
  2. If you have taken Japanese 12 but want to take JAPA100 and/or JAPA101 for review purposes, you must obtain a permission from your instructor.