Sites Related to the Genki textbook series

This website contains online exercises based on the textbook series.

This website is designed for self-directed learners who are interested in Japanese pronunciation.

“This tutorial consists of three modules: i) Japanese Basics, ii) Challenging Sounds, and iii) Japanese Intonation. Each module consists of a series of lessons, which are composed of instructional material, videos, and quizzes. Learners can proceed through the material at their own pace, watching each video and taking each quiz as many times as they wish.”

This website contains listening practice similar to those for the listening comprehension exercises in the Genki workbook.

It is a web-based free kanji learning site.  “Genki” is one of the textbooks that it gives the search option.

This site allows you to do a set of interactive exercises to help you review the Kanji you learn in each lesson of Genki series.

This website lists video manga incorporating mnemonics to help students learn the required kanji for that chapter in Genki series.

  • Mobile Apps for Genki series by the Japan Times (iPhone & Android)

The information page for the iPhone apps accompanying the textbook (with cost).

Genki Vocab Cards: iPhone      Android
Genki Kanji Cards: iPhone     Android
Genki Conjugation Cards (for Verbs & Adjectives): iPhone      Android

Other Online Language Learning

Tofugu is a Japanese language and culture blog site run by a group of Japanese native and non-native speakers.  It has a lot of materials useful for studying Japanese.  Do not miss Tofugu’s 100 Best Resources For Learning Japanese, a good collection of learning resources, and also try Guides section for various language learning and cultural guides.  It has Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube sites as well.

This is one of the most popular online Japanese learning sites, with a really good section of learning the Japanese grammar.  It also has a Facebook Group as well as Twitter and YouTube sites.

This site allows you to learn Japanese language and culture with in a series of fun and simple lessons in videos.  It is run by  Japan Society in New York (FacebookTwitter and YouTube).

This site from Canada, offers various Japanese learning material for Japanese grammar, vocabulary, and Kanji, including videos and Japanese learning guide.  You can follow the site via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube as well.  The same content is also available in French!

This site provides you with online Japanese courses that are free of charge as well as supported by tutor with fee.

This is a learning support website for the textbook series called “Marugoto: Japanese Language and Culture” by the Japan Foundation.  There are many learning materials that can be useful for the students who are using different textbooks.  There is also a companion site “MARUGOTO-NO-KOTOBA MARUGOTO Words” for learning vocabulary.

This page provides links to 66 Flash animations of various grammatical structures in Japanese and 12 downloadable appendices on the Japanese Grammar.  Some terms used in the videos might not be familiar to you, but that should not affect to the usefulness of the videos.

An innovative free website offering both Japanese-language study and cultural understanding.  You can find more details from the Trailer for the site at YouTube.

Free Japanese lessons from Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK).  You can download audio and text materials free.  They offer the same content in various languages other than English.

This is a commercial site, but some contents are free.  You can download podcast lessons.

A website dedicated to introducing all kinds of websites and online tools useful for studying Japanese)

If you like Japanese “manga”, this may be a good site to check out.

  • にほんごにゅうもん [NIHONGO STARTER, English version]  by the Japan Foundation and Japan Open Online Education Promotion Council

The website that was offered as Japan’s first “Massive Open Online Course” [MOOC] and any one can take the course from anywhere in the world for free.  They offer only the beginner level, but you may find them still useful.  Go to their facebook page for how to take their courses).

This site provides its users with 3 types of Japanese teaching material (“Learn”, “Write” and “Talk”) that can be used to learn online. In “Learn”, Various movies, pictures, and illustrations are used, and students can learn Japanese in an enjoyable way by themselves.  *You need Google Chrome for this site to work properly.

This online Japanese dictionary maintained by a group of enthusiasts in the Japanese culture and the Japanese language.  There is other information such as origin of some words.

Language Exchange Sites

It is a free educational website for language exchanges via Skype and absolutely free.  Although its focus is mainly on oral practice, you can also practice writing by posting your writing and receive corrections and feedback

It helps you to find a language exchange partner.