Online Magazine Sites

It is the online magazine that is published once a month by the Japanese Government to help readers better understand Japan today.  You can read it in three formats: e-book, PDF, and web page.

It is a magazine published monthly both in English and French (ZOOM JAPON).  You can read online version in their websites free.

It is a free by-weekly magazine in English from Tokyo.  It has a lot of articles about Tokyo area, including fashion, arts, entertainment, and events.  It is available in the PDF format from their website.

Video Sites

This TV series explores many aspects of Japan, both traditional and contemporary: arts, sports, entertainment, food, technology, nature, etc.  You can find the actual episodes at YouTube by using “Begin Japanology” as a key word in the search box.

Micaela, or ミカエラ as she writes in her video blog page, is a Canadian living in Fukuoka Prefecture.  She has been capturing her everyday experiences on YouTube and other social media channels.  She has one of the most popular video bloggers on Japan.

From Web Japan, the Japanese information site sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), this page shows many streaming videos about Japanese culture, nature, science and technology, and tourism etc.

Other Sites

This site is run by a Japanese airline and the “Features” section discuss various aspects of Japanese culture from traditions to latest trends.  You may also want to visit their video page on YouTube.