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Problems in Education: We don’t know what the future looks like

Jose Bowen talks about teaching for an unknown future. With the rapid changes in Trades and Technology, both in Industry and Education, this TED Talk might be what you are looking for right now as you plan for the Fall… Continue Reading →

Stop Being an Expert!

If you want to become a better Teacher, then show up with the Desire to Learn. In this short video, Simon Sinek shares his perspective on becoming a better teacher. In doing so, he rethinks the teacher/student model and suggests… Continue Reading →

Having a Kahoot at the Digital Toolshed with Ken Harper

Like many instructors throughout the province, Ken Harper, Professional Bake Instructor at VIU, has spent much of his 2020 teaching year learning new tools and looking for pedagogical approaches that engage learners in the Digital Classroom. When we heard that… Continue Reading →

Oral Assessments & Examinations are proving to be a hit with both Instructors and Students in the Digital Classroom

It was great to see so many folks attend the Digital Toolshed to discuss: What Makes a Good Oral Assessment? As a Trades Faculty many of our instructors have implemented some form or another of an Oral Assessment or Examination… Continue Reading →

Sparking Student Creativity while Pivoting to Remote Delivery with Damien Miles

Transitioning from life in industry to teaching full-time at the post-secondary level is a journey that many of us remember well. It’s a steep learning curve for the best of us, and that’s under normal circumstances. For Damien Miles, Electrical… Continue Reading →

Tech Tips of the Week: Do your students know their i-phones are also Scanners?

Tech Tip of the week comes from Gina Easton! Thanks Gina for this great tutorial on how students can easily use their iphone as a scanner to upload documents to VIULearn No more blurry uploads! Please note: this video is… Continue Reading →

Straight outta’ the Digital Toolshed with Rita Gower on Asynchronous Learning Design in VIULearn

Today in the Toolshed, Rita Gower presented on How to Implement Case-Studies using VIULearn Tools, focusing on the key points listed in the slide below: Rita kindly gave us permission to record her presentation. So, if you were unable to… Continue Reading →

Cannabis Production: Virtual Tours for Students

Jessica Gemella, Chair and Instructor for the Horticulture Program at VIU, aims to enhance her students’ experience this coming semester by expanding the walls of her digital classroom far beyond Nanaimo, BC. Jessica plans to provide her students with several… Continue Reading →

No knead to Stress! The Virtual Classroom is Proving to be a Success for VIU’s Professional Baking Students

If you haven’t made bread before Covid-19, I’m pretty sure you may have given it go at some point over the past 14 weeks. I know I did! Well, it’s not as easy as it looks – that is all… Continue Reading →

VIU’s Professional Bake & Pastry Arts Program serve up a tasty treat with this year 1 capstone project

Rita Gower, Chair/Instructor, VIU Professional Bake & Pastry Arts Program, was quick to recognize how Zoom conferencing tool could provide the right media for her students to present part of their final capstone project. In doing so, her students also… Continue Reading →

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