VIUTube – Media Migration

VIUTube media has been migrated to the new platform. Employees should see their media in a folder in Manage Media inside the new platform. 

Students who use VIUTube will need to access VIUTube from the link in the VIULearn navigation bar to trigger the account creation process. Once the account has been created, students can email CIEL to let us know their account has been created and they would like their content migrated to their account. 

Please check your media library by September 15, 2022 to ensure all of your media appears as expected. If you see any discrepancies please contact CIEL as soon as possible with the details of what you expected to see and do not. All media on the old VIUtube platform will be permanently deleted once that service ends on September 30, 2022.

If you have questions about accessing your media or any other element of using the new VIUTube, please contact us at so we can assist you. 

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