About Me


Dr. Gregory G. Arkos
Office: Building 315, Room 209
Phone: (250) 753-3245 x 2207
Email: gregory.arkos@viu.ca
Web: http://wordpress.viu.ca/arkosg/

As a child, my parents encouraged my intense curiosity about all things, scientific and otherwise.  That inquisitiveness has never abated and led to an undergraduate degree in geophysics at the University of Manitoba and a doctorate in space physics at UBC.

While a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Calgary I was given the opportunity to teach a number of undergraduate physics courses, and it was those positive experiences which fostered my interest in a teaching career.  Sessional work in physics, astronomy & mathematics followed at Mount Royal College in Calgary, which eventually lead to a full-time faculty position in the Department of Physics, Engineering & Astronomy here at Vancouver Island University.

I have enjoyed living and teaching here, and have appreciated the opportunities that a small university like VIU offers to get to know (and help) students as they learn about our world and the fascinating universe in which we reside!