ASTR 111 Class Materials

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Course Outline Lecture schedule Clicker solutions OpenStax eTextbook
Observing Project Skycharts Comp Lab B315-113 Schedule
Starry Night: Tutorial,Video SkySafari:  Tutorial,Video Quadrant Template Quadrant Instructions
Class Notes (PDF)
01. Intro 02. History 03. Sky, Star Motions
04. Navigating the Sky 05. Seasons 06. Moon phases, eclipses
07. Solar System 08. Earth 09. Earth-Moon system
10. Moon 11. Mercury 12. Venus
13. Mars 14. Jupiter & Saturn 15. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
16. Asteroids, Meteors, Comets
01a. The solar system 01b. Science 01c. Astronomical distances
02a. Retrograde motion 02b. Kepler’s Laws 03a. Coordinates
03b. Sky motions 03c. Zodiac & precession 04. Skycharts
05a. Ecliptic 1, 2 05b. Equinoxes/solstices 05c. Tropics, Circles
06a. Moon Phases 06b. Moon phases (demo) 06c. Moon rise & set times
06d. Solar eclipse 07a. Great Orion Nebula 07b. Solar System
08a. The Earth 08b. Magnetic Fields 09. Tides
10a. The Moon 10b. Impact! 10c. Moon “Hoax” 1,2,3,4
11. Mercury 12a. Venus’ surface 12b. Runaway greenhouse?
13a.  Exploring Mars 13b. Water on Mars 14. Saturn’s rings
16. Meteors & NEO’s
Labs (PDF)
00. A111_lab0 ** FOR PRACTICE – download, complete & upload to VIULearn **
01. A111_lab1 Data, skycharts Tutorials, Skycharts (video)
02. A111_lab2 Data, graph paper Demo, Instructions (videos)
03. A111_lab3 Data Demo (video)
04a. A111_lab4
04b. A111_lab4 Mars N Hemi (PDF), Mars S Hemi (PDF) Lunar gallery (images)
05. A111_lab5 Data, graph paper

Lab reports MUST be completed on the provided lab sheets and submitted as a single PDF file on VIULearn.  Late lab reports will NOT be accepted.  Lab reports may be completed jointly with a lab partner;  in this case, upload ONE PDF file (only) to VIULearn and clearly indicate BOTH partners’ names on the lab.  For jointly submitted labs each partner receives the same grade.