ASTR 112 Class Materials

01. Introduction 02. Skycharts/Nav the Sky 03a. Light
03b. EM spectrum 04. Atoms & Spectra 05a. Telescopes: terms
05b. Telescopes: visible light 05c. Telescopes: AO, LP, etc. 06a. Sun: properties
06b. Sun: solar cycle, etc. 07a. Stars: terms, groups 07b. HR diagrams
07c. Stellar Distances 07d. Inverse Square Law 08a. Star formation
08b. Death of smaller stars 09a. High Mass stars 09b. Neutron stars
09c. Black holes 10a. Rotation curves 10b. Spiral structure
10c. MW galactic core 11a. Galaxy identification
Labs (PDF)
00. A112_lab0 ** FOR PRACTICE – download, complete & upload to VIULearn **
01. A112_lab1 skycharts Tutorials, Skycharts (video)
02. A112_lab2 reference spectra, eyepiece views HV box & spectra (video)
03. A112_lab3 graph paper, ZAMS graph Instructions (video)
04. A112_lab4 graph paper Globulars, Instructions (video)
05. A112_lab5  galaxy images galaxy identification (video)

Lab reports MUST be completed on the provided lab sheets and submitted as a single PDF file on VIULearn.  Late lab reports will NOT be accepted.  Lab reports may be completed jointly with a lab partner;  in this case, upload ONE PDF file (only) to VIULearn and clearly indicate BOTH partners’ names on the lab.  For jointly submitted labs each partner receives the same grade.