N!ai: The Story of a !Kung Woman

Namibia /Botswana border Tshum!kwi
N!ai “Short Face” /Gundu
Hwa//a !U

NOTE: There are scenes of hunting, and then, the butchering of a giraffe.

AVAILABLE via VIU Library, Kanopy, https://www.kanopy.com/en/viuca/watch/video/110328/110332

Questions to think abut while watching N!ai: The Story of a !Kung Woman:

  • What is/are the objectives(s) of this film?
  • What was !Kung life like prior to their placement on reserves?  After?
  • What is n/um?
  • What is the attitude/perspective of the white settlers towards the !Kung?
  • How do the !Kung’s beliefs compare with Christian ones?
  • At what age to they marry? How is it arranged–betrothal, wedding, etc.? Who does what?

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