ANTH 418

Researching Community:
Developing a Virtual Exhibit with Nanaimo Museum

A hands on course in which students collaborate with primarily Nanaimo Museum to develop and produce research to support a virtual exhibit, with a focus on racism in the central Vancouver Island area. Incorporates a variety of research techniques.
Counts towards anthropology major in category 1 – Ethnographic and Archaeological Research.
Prerequisite: Third-year standing.

Museums & Related Institutions

Chinese Canadian Museum of BC

Cowichan Valley Museum

Museum of Vancouver

Nanaimo Community Archives

Nanaimo Museum

Websites related to course materials:

BC Museum Association represents a wide range of institutions, from museums and art galleries to cultural centres and nature reserves.

Heritage BC is “a non-profit, charitable and member-based organization that is dedicated to supporting heritage conservation in British Columbia.”

Museums are not Neutral “Museums can be agents of social change in our communities, and it’s up to us to make this happen together.”

Vancouver Heritage Foundation “promotes the appreciation and conservation of our city’s historic places for current and future generations.”

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