ANTH 326

Ethnographic Research

A hands-on course exploring the use of qualitative research methods in the study of Canadian culture and society.
Counts towards anthropology major in category 1 – Ethnographic and Archaeological Research.
Prerequisite: ANTH 212.

Key theoretical positions and time periods in anthropology

Some anthropological theories and their proponents, including major assumptions

Websites related to course materials:

VIU LibGuide for Anthropology
Here’s your one-stop resource–from citations to reference materials to organisations and associations that are specific to anthropology.

American Anthropological Association – Methods and Ethics
AAA is committed to making available quality information regarding methodological and ethical best practices.

The Familiar Strange
An anthropology social engagement project to “make what anthropologists know and do familiar.”

National Park Service – Ethnographic Research Center
Part of a learning module offered in the Park Ethnography Program associated with African American Heritage & Ethnography.

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