Research Interests


Dr. Lim has conducted research in Canada, the United States, and Tanzania; her “second” language is kiswahili.

Anthropology of Food

Chinese in North America


Rock Art


  • Naturalization:  Selected Historical Documents [in progess]
    Over 100 applications (documents for naturalization in Canada) form this collection.  Each application may include Certificate of Naturalization, Notice of Intention to Apply for Naturalization, Certificate Under Section 10, Oath of Residence/Allegiance, and Sworn Acquaintance.  The largest number of applications from a single country of origin is Japan, followed by Norway, Sweden, and the US; over a dozen countries are represented.  They date from 1913 to 1915.  Whether naturalization was granted or not, these documents illustrate a desire to become citizens and relationships to others in the larger community.
    The collection was purchased in Chemainus at the Willow Antique Mall (13 October 2010) from stock originally part of JR Dibb Antiques & Arts.
  • Restaurant Menu and Ephemera Collection [on-going]
    The collection is primarily of menus but also includes associated ephemera such as business cards, chopstick wrappers, place-mats, etc.  It began with her uncle’s and father’s collection from their days in the Vancouver Chinatown restaurant business. Today, the majority of items come from “Chinese” restaurants in Canada and the United States acquired during her travels.  Dr. Lim has also received donations from individuals who were looking for a ‘home’ for the menus collected by a family member.

A portion of the collection was featured in the Museum of Vancouver (MoV) exhibit, All Together Now.  It opened June 23, 2016 and was extended to March 19, 2017.  Dr. Lim spoke about the menus at one of MoV’s public lectures, Me and My Collection, September 8, 2016.

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Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.
— Thomas Henry Huxley, biologist (1825-1895)

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