ANTH 418 Evaluation & Assignments

Attendance is required. There will be in-class discussions. If you are absent, you cannot participate. (See VIU Calendar, General Regulations – Attendance.)

Active participation is contributing to class activities; discussion is the primary one.  I am interested in the quality of comments and/or questions raised during discussion.  Be an informed participant, i.e., read the assigned articles, review websites, etc.

Please submit a self-evaluation of your participation (no more than 250-300 words, through VIULearn) by December 15.  Be reflective and honest about your participation, for example, are you engaged with the material, do you ask questions or comment, how have you contributed to make this a better learning experience for you and your peers?

To receive full credit for participation (quality counts!), you must 1) attend class, 2) participate fully in class activities (discussion, evaluation, etc.), and 3) provide a self-assessment of participation.

The quality of your comments is important. The topics are related to what is being discussed in class.  Ideally, you should be responding as the semester progresses.

These will be graded as Pass or High Pass.  If you submit on time, you will receive for this portion of your grade, minimally, a B.  A High Pass is about the quality of your writing and commentary: do you support your statements by example; do your words engage ‘the reader’?

DUE: last opportunity to submit on VIULearn is December 17, 11:30pm.
Don’t wait until the end!

You are encouraged to learn outside the classroom by taking advantage of on- and off-campus events.  During the semester, I will post possibilities as I become aware of them.  Check with me if there is an event that you wish to attend not already identified.

Attend an event and submit an opinion piece (no more than 250-300 words) through VIULearn.

opin-ion \ ə-’pin-yə n \ n. 1 a: a view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter.  (Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® Dictionary 11th Edition)

As the above definition implies, I am interested in your response to the event. Your commentary is NOT to be a summary.  Be reflective, support your opinion.

NOTE: This is the only assignment that can be considered ‘optional’; there is no penalty if you do not complete this other than missing 5% of your mark.

DUE: by end of semester,
last opportunity is December 17, 11:30pm

The goal of this course is to provide resources for a virtual exhibit hosted by Nanaimo Museum.  Stories are one way to educate the public.  Your story should be no more than 750-words; if possible, include an appropriate photograph (with explanation).  NOTE: Your story may be selected for inclusion in the museum ‘exhibit.’

Topics (select one):

  1. What does it mean to be (or become) Canadian?
  2. When did you become aware of racism?
  3. For some, they juggle between identities.  Comment on being ‘between’ or ‘belonging.’


Remember, your words are to engage and connect with a reader.  Your voice should come across loud and clear; this is not written in the way you would for an academic paper.  The examples provided are longer for the most part; however, they illustrate ‘story-telling’ with a purpose.  They also focus on the questions that I have posed.  As always, quality over quantity matters.

DUE: November 12, VIULearn

You are expected to register as members of Heritage BC; student membership is $15.

As a member, you have complimentary access to Webinars-on-Demand.  CEWIL iHUB grants encourage training for the ‘job market.’  As potential employees in the heritage sector, select THREE webinars, either from Heritage Studies, or Tourism, to view.

For each webinar viewed, state in no more than 250 words, what you learned and how you might apply it.

DUE: November 21, VIULearn

The class as a group will review the various projects that support the project ideas identified by Nanaimo Museum.  Students will have choice based on our discussions.  Depending on the project, the task might be appropriate for one person or a group.  The number of individuals involved in any one project will be variable based on estimating the amount of research involved.

Each project will be presented to the class (10% of the 30% overall mark).  Presentations should be no more than 15-minutes in length.  Describe the purpose, the outcome, and the process.  There will be a sign-up for the presentation dates, December 7 and 9.

Besides collecting research, I am also interested in what you learned.  There should be some reflection accompanying your submission.  Remember, this material is going to Nanaimo Museum to use!  As always, a small portion of the grade on any written work is affected by presentation, spelling, and grammar.

DUE: December 15, VIULearn


  • If you are facing exceptional circumstances (e.g., ill-health), please contact me as soon as possible so that an extension can be made.  Given the circumstances we are facing (pandemic conditions), I recognise that every student’s situation is a bit different.  I will try to support you as best I can.  Please keep communication lines open.  (See VIU General Regulations.)
  • Read “On Writing” to ensure that you understand my expectations of a writing assignment.
  • If you need help with your writing, please seek assistance from the Writing Centre, The Library, Nanaimo Campus, Fourth Floor, Room 474 Contact the Writing Centre at local 2115, or make an appointment online.  As well, refer to the numerous “how to” handouts available online.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated.  Students caught plagiarizing will automatically receive an F as their final grade. VIU Student Academic Code of Conduct (policy 96.01)

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