2015 – ANTH 418 in photos

For ANTH 418 F15N01, a number of guest speakers were invited; as well, the class had a number of field trips (see syllabus).  Unfortunately, forgotten was the camera or to actually record the activity/event.  Nevertheless, a few photographs will remind students of their field trip to Farmship Growers Cooperative in Cedar, and the final class that ‘celebrated food.’

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Farmship Growers Cooperative – 29 September 2015 field trip
On the bus

On the bus

Welcoming students

Farmer Brown welcoming students

Walking towards one of the fields

Walking towards one of the fields

Carrots & Farmer Brown

Carrots and good-byes

A Celebration of Food, last class of ANTH 418 – 03 December 2015
Food time

Time to break bread


Sweet treats

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