ANTH 335 Evaluation & Assignments

Evaluation will be based on attendance and participation (25%), opinion piece (5%), short paper-films (15%), exam (25%), and final paper (30%).  There is no final exam.

**Not submitting an exam or assignment will result in an “F”;
your final grade is based on completing ALL course work.**

As noted, participation accounts for 25% of your grade; this is split between the different aspects of participation.  Attendance is required; after the first two weeks, a sign-in sheet will be circulated.   If you sign-in and depart, this will be noted.  There will be specific and general in-class discussion.  If you are absent, you cannot participate.  (See VIU General Regulations–Attendance.)

Active participation is contributing to all in-class activities, 10%; discussion is the primary one.  I am interested in the quality of comments and/or questions raised during discussion.  Be an informed participant, i.e., read the assigned materials.

Please submit a self-evaluation of your participation, 5% (no more than 250 words, through VIULearn): 1) by February 16; and 2) by April 12.  What are you learning?  What is working for you?  What challenges may be impacting your learning.  Be reflective and honest about your participation.

For those who are less confident about speaking in class, you can still participate through VIULearn, 10%.  Each student is expected to contribute to the discussion topics (grouped as weekly) throughout the semester, either by posting a relevant article, or commenting on one submitted by a classmate.  The latter should be substantive, i.e., an informed opinion, not one that states agreement.  Whether you do all or some remains your choice; your participation mark will reflect this.

To receive full credit for participation (quality counts!), you must 1) attend class, 2) participate fully in class activities (discussion, etc.), 3) provide two self-evaluations of participation, and 4) post to VIULearn.

NOTE:  Last day to post or submit an opinion piece to VIULearn, if you want it to be considered as part of your overall mark, is Friday, April 19, 11:30pm!

You are encouraged to learn outside the classroom by taking advantage of on- and off-campus events. During the semester, I will post possibilities as I become aware of them. If there is an event that you wish to attend that I have not listed, please check with me.

Attend an event and submit an opinion piece (no more than 250-300 words) through VIULearn.

opin-ion \ ə-’pin-yə n \ n. 1 a: a view, judgment, or appraisal formed in the mind about a particular matter.
(Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate® Dictionary 11th Edition)

As the above definition implies, I am interested in your response to the event. Your commentary is NOT to be a summary. Be reflective, support your opinion.

NOTE: This is the only assignment that can be considered ‘optional’; there is no penalty if you do not complete this other than missing 5% of your mark.

Last day to post: Tuesday, April 19, 11:30pm.

There are numerous excellent NFB documentaries about Canadians, some are open public access while others are available through NFB Campus.

You are to compare/contrast Nakagawa’s Between: Living in the Hyphen (2005, 44min) with one of the following:

Each is about identity.  How has history, family, and/or place affected their sense of self and community?

Your paper should be no more than 4-pages (1200 words), excluding endnotes and/or bibliography.  For further information on how to present and write a paper, go to On Writing.

Your paper will be evaluated according to the following: 1) understanding the issue(s) of identity as presented in each film; 2) balanced discussion (compare/contrast) of films; and 3) spelling, grammar, and presentation.

DUE: Thursday, March 14, 11:30pm

I am open to non-standard formats other than a formal paper, such as, an audio or video podcast, or another type of creative piece. Should you elect to work on something in a non-standard format, please come see me BEFORE Study Week!  Your project must be approved for you to proceed.

The focus of your paper will be (a) theme(s) arising from your selection of either Chop Suey Nation, or Five Little Indians. There will be a sign-up on VIULearn; each book is to be represented by half the class. Besides your paper/project, you will be expected to contribute to the discussion during the penultimate week of classes.

Your paper/project should illustrate your ability to think and write critically and intelligently. If you write or present a solely descriptive work, do not expect a high mark. I am interested in hearing your opinion; therefore, you need to take a position regarding a topic or issue, and, then, support it. Incorporate information from your class readings, the films, and lectures/discussion, where appropriate.

Referencing is to follow the Chicago Manual of Style (Author-Date). All citations are to be fully referenced. (Paraphrasing also requires citation of source.) To not do so will be considered plagiarism (which comes with an academic penalty). Wikipedia is NOT an appropriate reference source!

Papers should be 6-8 pages in length, maximum of 2400 words, excluding endnotes and/or bibliography. Your paper is to be submitted typed, double-spaced, 11-12pt font size. Margins should be 2.5cm (1 in). For further information on how to present and write a paper, go to On Writing.

Students electing to undertake a creative work, e.g., video or podcast, will post it directly to VIULearn, with its presentation on the last day of class, April 11Creative pieces (or any non-standard format) must be accompanied by a bibliography.

Like a paper, the non-standard format needs to illustrate your ability to think critically and express a point of view.  The format also implies a degree of creativity.  Please keep this in mind.

Your “paper” will be evaluated according to the following: 1) your understanding of the chosen topic or issue; 2) your research; 3) critical thinking; and 4) spelling, grammar, and presentation.

DUE: Thursday, April 18, 11:30pm


  • Assignments are due through VIULearn (follow instructions). If there are exceptional and/or extenuating circumstances, such as illness or a death in the family, please notify me as soon as possible so that other arrangements can be made.  (See VIU Calendar, General Regulations.)  In such cases, outstanding work (exam or assignments) typically must be submitted before the start of the final exam period.  If in doubt, talk to me!
  • Read “On Writing” to ensure that you understand my expectations of a writing assignment.
  • If you need help with your writing, please seek assistance from the Writing Centre, The Library, Fourth Floor, Room 474.  Contact the Writing Centre at local 2115, or make an appointment online.  As well, refer to the numerous “how to” handouts available online.
  • Plagiarism will not be tolerated. Students caught plagiarizing will automatically receive an F as their final grade.  VIU Student Academic Code of Conduct (policy 96.01)

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