ANTH 324 – Vancouver Field Trip

Experiencing food culture in Vancouver, 18 November 2005

On the initiative of the class, a decision was made to experience food culture directly as a group by visiting Vancouver’s Chinatown and Tosi & Company (624 Main Street) – the last business representing the former Italian enclave. Planning and organisation was student driven; thanks, Ricky!


Nola in a herbal store.


In Chinatown, there are so many different foodstuffs (fresh and dry) to purchase. Above: Gloria and Jean-Jacques check out the variety of seafood available.


Tosi & Company, so much to see AND buy!

Making purchases

A line-up of enthusiastic shoppers: (front-back) Aylin, Kelly, Amelia, Ann, Jan & Nola.


Angelo Tosi, owner.


Dining at Foo’s Ho Ho Chop Suey, the last of the old-style Cantonese restaurants in Chinatown. L-r, clockwise: Susan, Jessica, Constanza, Amelia, Bert, Carl, Jan, ?, Kelly, Kyle, ?, ?.


The house soup arrives; Chiharu helps by serving. Julia & Cynthia to the left of Chiharu; to the right clockwise: Matt, Aylin, Rory, Jean-Jacques, Gloria, and Nola.


Using chopsticks: (l-r) Amanda, Ricky, & Shawna-Ann.


Digging in! Kelly, foreground; Carl and Jan (l-r), background.


For some, they could not leave Chinatown without having bubble tea. Valerie and Chiharu are getting ready to place their order.

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