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Kathleen Bortolin

Holding space: How VIU students are shaping the dialogue around Indigenous perspectives

by Kathleen Bortolin I step off the elevator onto the fifth floor of the library, hot coffee and security fob in hand. It’s June and quiet on campus, students and faculty retreating to other pursuits now that classes have ended…. Continue Reading →

From the ground up: Enhancing a horticulture program through educational development

It’s Friday. Or Wednesday. Or Tuesday afternoon. And my colleagues and I are on our way to the Paine Centre, VIU’s 32-acre horticulture facility. A quick 10-minute drive from the main campus, past a winery and a honey farm, the… Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life of an Educational Developer: Part 2

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash Part 2: What do I do? (Part 1) 7:20am: Arrive at Vancouver Island University. Walk in and smile at the rogue bunnies.  Turn a blind eye to the faculty member who is feeding the rogue bunnies. 7:30am: Host… Continue Reading →

A Day in the Life of An Educational Developer: Part 1

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash Part 1: What do you do? In awkward social settings, when the conversation runs dry, someone, hoping to buoy the dialogue, might inquire after what I do. For a living. It’s at that moment that I wish I… Continue Reading →

If I had a hammer: Reflections on enhancing the provincial harmonized carpentry curriculum

Background: Trades education across Canada is undergoing a harmonization initiative spearheaded by the Canadian Council of Directors of Apprenticeship (CCDA), and supported by various provincial stakeholders.  This initiative seeks to align apprenticeship programs nationally, making training requirements and certification more… Continue Reading →

A global perspective on Indigenous teaching and learning: What can we learn from New Zealand

As part of our commitment to supporting professional development in incorporating Indigenous knowledge and perspectives into teaching and learning at VIU, the Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning, together with the Office of Aboriginal Education and Engagement, recently hosted… Continue Reading →

Culture in the Classroom: Final Session Summary

Our final meeting for the Culture in the Classroom series took place on November 20th.  Although this was our last meeting, in some ways it felt like we were just getting started.  Clearly, eight hours spread across four sessions was… Continue Reading →

Culture in the Classroom Session 3 Recap

Our third session of Culture in the Classroom focused on pedagogy and some practical tips and suggestions related to teaching and learning. We started the session by reviewing our homework— the resources listed in the previous blogpost. A number of… Continue Reading →

Culture in the Classroom: Session 2 Recap and Resources

Our second session of the learning series, Culture in the Classroom: Working with International Students, focused on intercultural competence models and cultural values frameworks. Mackenzie started us off with a mini-lecture outlining Darla Deardorff’s process model for intercultural competence, which… Continue Reading →

Culture in the classroom: Session 1 Recap and Resources

On September 18th, 15 participants from the VIU community attended the first session of Culture in the classroom: Working with international students, a collaborative learning series offered through the Centre for Innovation and Excellence in Learning and International Education. After… Continue Reading →

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