This year’s issue was made possible thanks to:

Editorial Board: Griffin Bailey, Thao Dam, Lisa Hamilton, Stephanie Blond, Corelli Mattice, David Schoenewolf, and Taylor York (with assistance from Eliot White-Hill and Alicia Gazley).

Journal Editor: David W. Livingstone.

  “An Appeal to Moderate Patriotism”

An essay analyzing the value of patriotism, by Braedan Zimmer.



“Closed on Account of Transformation: Two-Faced Humanity  in Ionesco’s Rhinoceros”

An essay discussing Eugene Ionesco’s 1959 play, Rhinocéros, by Zoe McKenna.

  “Filippo Brunelleschi and the Spirit of Classicism”

An essay which examines architect Filippo Brunelleschi’s classical inspirations and his unique, Renaissance style, by Jill Foster.